How I Set Up My Woodworking Shop: Part I

Hi folks! My first “useful” post here, here we go!

When we moved to our new town, I knew that I one thing I definitely wanted to have was a woodworking shop. The house we eventually bought had a shed that was perfect for this and I’m very glad that we made that choice.

Previously, I had to do my work away from home, in various locations, either at friends’ places or at a rented workshop. This time I had to equip the shop myself and luckily I already had enough experience to be able to tell what exactly I needed and wanted to have there.

First, it’s important to start with foundational elements, rather than chasing fancy new tools. You cannot do any serious woodworking without a workbench. So that’s what I started with. Go mine second-hand, lightly used, a few cut-ins here and there, but generally in a very good state.

I then got the basic set of tools that one cannot go without. Remember: get tools that are versatile, ones that you can use for multiple tasks in different ways; don’t buy a tool that’s meant to do one specific rarely needed thing, even if it does it really well. These kinds of tools you can buy later when it’s clear you cannot go without them.

You will need a tablesaw. It’s irreplaceable for parallel and cross cuts.

Next, I knew that one of the most needed tools is the router. It is an extremely versatile tool that is often underestimated by beginning woodworkers. I got a plunge router, because it’s generally a more practical device than a fixed-base one.

To be continued…

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